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Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency is a common binocular disorder in which a persons eyes don’t work cohesively at close distances. It is an eye teaming problem where eyes drift apart or cross during reading and other close activities.

The tough thing about convergence insufficiency is that it often goes undiagnosed because a person can pass a typical 20/20 eye chart test and still have it. We recommend getting your child in for an eye exam before they are 6 years old. A simple school exam isn’t in-depth enough to diagnose convergence insufficiency, a comprehensive eye exam is necessary.

Many people that have convergence insufficiency won’t complain of symptoms because the brain will ignore the input of one eye to avoid the double vision. This vision suppression causes the loss of binocular vision and depth of perception. This has a negative impact on coordination, sports, distance judgement, eye contact and motion sickness.

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