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Welcome to the Vision and Learning Center!

Here at the Vision and Learning Center, we work with children and adults who have visual issues that impact their ability to read, learn, or even pay attention at school or work. We take a one on one approach to customize programs for each individual’s unique needs. These may be learning issues in school, double vision, or fatigue from focusing and convergence problems, or extreme discomfort from concussion or brain injury.

We feel that vision is our most important sense. When our visual system is not functioning optimally, it can affect every area of our lives. Living with visual issues myself since an early age, I know that it has made life more difficult in so many ways that I didn’t realize growing up. It was only until I went to optometry school that I realized that the symptoms I had such as tiring when reading for even short periods of time, falling asleep when watching a movie, and fear of driving all stemmed from my visual issues. As a result of my own personal struggles, I am passionate about helping others. I feel lucky to have additional training that many optometrists do not have: the ability to detect, diagnose, and treat visual issues that cannot be completely resolved with glasses and surgery alone.

If you or your child has any symptoms that you think may be visual in nature, take our COVD lifestyle questionnaire to see if vision therapy is something that could be helpful. Also, feel free to call our office with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest in finding out about our practice and what we do here at the Vision and Learning Center.

Dr. Tressa Malikkal
Tressa Malikkal, OD, FCOVD care.

Our Mission

We at the Vision and Learning Center believe it is our responsibility to enhance and maximize our patient’s precious gift of sight. We work with children and adults and deliver expertise through continually educating ourselves on the latest research and technologies and providing state of the art instrumentation in our field. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of personalized vision care to each patient that comes to our office.

Vision therapy also provides treatment and support for people suffering from